Praise for "Where's the Mother? Stories from a Transgender Dad"

   MacDonald’s debut memoir tells a tale noticeably absent from the plethora of parenting and breastfeeding books available ... his story of transitioning is frank, clever, and easy to process, providing plenty of parallels to his later struggles with nursing for curious cis readers. MacDonald’s book serves as a refreshing and insightful narrative.

Publishers Weekly (full review here)

   A deeply compelling memoir by a transgender man who birthed and breastfed his children – it's inspiring, informative, and transformational.

Diana West, IBCLC, co-author of 
The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding

   Where’s The Mother? is an honest, accessible, and heartwarming memoir that follows his story from transition to pregnancy to finding a network of breastmilk-sharing parents. 

   The book offers insight into what it was like for MacDonald to be both male and pregnant. But just as every cisgender parent is different, so is every trans parent. MacDonald wanted to challenge the popular tropes about trans people. 

   Where’s the Mother? will undoubtedly become an excellent resource for trans and non-binary parents.


   The Canadian trans man behind gay parenting blog Milk Junkies offers readers a tender, earnest window into the journey to fatherhood he and his husband took in Where's the Mother ... a candid exploration of cultural questions that will be familiar to any same-sex couple raising children in a world that isn’t always welcoming. 

   With his accessible, humorous writing, MacDonald unapologetically (but gently) pushes back on assumptions that presume everyone who gives birth to a child must be a woman, and that only mothers can produce milk to nourish their babies .... Where’s the Mother helps to fill a void in cultural competency around, particularly, the trans-masculine parenting experience.

The Advocate

   A fascinating and informative memoir of birth and parenthood from a transgender voice – Trevor shows us how breastfeeding a baby is about so much more than just milk. For anyone wondering if they can breastfeed, this is your book.

Dr. Jack Newman, author and Director,
International Breastfeeding Centre


   Do you find yourself uncomfortable with the idea of a transgender man breastfeeding a baby and then being certified as an LLL Leader? Or are you just curious as to why someone would put himself in that situation? You will want to read, “Where’s The Mother?” by Trevor MacDonald.

   Blending facts with the feelings that have been part of his journey, MacDonald will help you to better understand a revolution that is taking place, as transgender people receive the support they need to be true to their gender identity.

Marian Tompson, co-founder, La Leche League, in
Breastfeeding Today

   Culturally competent doulas can and should take the time to listen to the experience of transgender parents, to learn why they may make the choices they do about care providers, birth locations, and which procedures and interventions they may want to decline if possible.
   Trevor MacDonald’s book Where’s the Mother is a wonderful place to start, and is eye-opening for new and seasoned doulas alike. Doula Trainings International will be adding Where’s the Mother to our required reading list for certifying doulas and highly recommends that current DTI doulas read it as well for continuing education.

Doula Trainings International

   As a man who went through pregnancy, I found the book to be very relatable. Several pregnancy books written for women had parts that were relevant to me, but if I'd read Where's the Mother? before going through it myself, I think the process would have been less scary, particularly with how it's different when you're trans.

Sion Jesse, Community Advocate, Philadelphia

   I read this book more voraciously than I have read anything in a long time. As a pregnant trans person I greatly appreciated his story, being shared in his own words. It is woven beautifully with the stories of those he encountered along the way and helpful information about pregnancy, birthing and chestfeeding all written in language that felt relevant and accessible to me.

Kori Doty, radio host of 
Sex, Drugs, and How We

   Despite the challenges, Trevor doesn't take himself too seriously: he always keeps his sense of humor and his humility. You can't help but be drawn into his story.

TERESA PITMAN, co-author, The Ultimate Book of Breastfeeding Answers and The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding (8th edition)

   Well-written, engaging, friendly, informative, and laugh-out-loud in places! I really enjoyed it.

Fiona Giles, author of Fresh Milk: The Secret Life of
Breasts and Dick for a Day: What Would You do if You Had One?

Where's the Mother? Stories from a Transgender Dad

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